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Boo gets a treat. #BooRadley #Cat

Coffee, Doctor Who & cuddling with my cat. This is my Friday night.

Someone looks comfortable… In my chair! #BooRadley #Cat #SoCute

Watching tv with this baby. #BooRadley #Kitty #Baby #Aww #Cat @cats_of_instagram

CeeLo Green in cat form. 

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My baby

At what point do you consider yourself to be a forever alone crazy cat lady?

My parents just gave me this whole “You’re an adult, you have responsibilities.” speech. All because I couldn’t hang up curtains because the people that lived here before us screwed their crap into the wood behind my window. 

Yes I am an adult but these days I don’t have that many responsibilities. All I have to do it go to school, get a job and take care of a cat.

When y’all were 18 you had just gotten married, had a two year old and graduated high school. So please continue to tell me that I’m living my life wrong.