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Sometimes I get upset because I think I’ll end up alone.Then I remember…

Jacob worked for 7 years to get Rachel and they only felt like days because he loved her so much.

That is the love I am waiting for.

Dear future husband, 

I’m thinking about you tonight and I hope that you’re doing okay. I pray that your family is doing well and that you have a great week. One day we’ll be able to spend Sundays together. Getting up early to have coffee & watch the sun rise. Getting ready for church, sitting in the pew together holding hands & worshiping God. Going to lunch with our family or friends & then spending the rest of the afternoon together and happy. I can’t wait for those days. Thank you for always being there for me, even when i’m stubborn and want to do things my way.

Sleep well tonight handsome <3

Love, Mikayla.

Seriously mom, I’m trying to cuddle and you’re taking pictures.

A serious question.

Lord, while I wait patiently - strengthen my heart.

I need someone in my life who can give me Godly relationship advice. 

I want to send a Valentines Day package to someone.

With the following things:

  1. A box of super cheesy Valentine Day cards- filled out with cute things about that person.
  2. Candy- of course.
  3. One of my favorite movies- most likely a non Valentines Day movie.
  4. A mix tape of all my favorite songs- music is always a great thing to get on Valentines Day.

I think that would be the cutest thing to receive. 

This makes me so happy. #FridayNightLights #Love

The Bible is a letter from God that tells us He is in control, sin is sin & we should show love & compassion to others while we tell them about Jesus.

Just watched old Kaelyn & Lucy videos & I literally could not stop smiling. I love these two together & it’s so cute to watch them love each other. Just goes to show that long distance can be defeated & love conquers everything. 

So grateful to have gotten his baby girl 2 years ago on Christmas. Now we’re cuddling & waiting for #Santa to come. #BooRadley #Love

Wrote a 6 page letter to my best friend and now I’m rewarding myself with Doctor Who and laying on the couch. I would seriously love to be cuddling right now. Would anyone like to volunteer?

someone talk to me.

I want someone who will:

  • get sushi with me.
  • let me pick the music in the car.
  • go on random road trips with me.
  • stay in all night and watch old tv shows. 
  • cuddle with me.
  • hold my hand when i get scared.
  • make things better when i have a terrible day.
  • be patient with me.

I need someone who will:

  • accept me for who i am.
  • love me unconditionally.
  • push me to achieve my goals.
  • always make me be the best version of myself.
  • never quit on me.
  • protect my heart.

I think that all I want is someone I can be myself with. I believe that this person is out there somewhere. So whoever you are, I am waiting patiently and I can’t wait to love you.