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I seriously love the movie No Strings Attached. 

I want someone to go with me to see Snow White and The Huntsman. Any Takers?

Just So You Know:

  1. 3 turn offs: No manners, someone who only wants sex in a relationship, and always talking about partying and drinking etc.
  2. 3 turn ons: Muscles, manners and a good sense of humor. 
  3. Phobia: Windows. I hate them.
  4. Celebrity crush: Robert Pattinson.
  5. Smoke/Drink: No & no.
  6. Favorite Movie: Adventureland, The Breakfast Club, Water For Elephants.
  7. Name: Mikayla Jade.
  8. Favorite Band: Paramore.
  9. Favorite Music Artist: I don’t know, honestly.
  10. Embarrassing Memory: I have no idea.
  11. Last Thing I Ate: Apple.
  12. Last Text I Received: 'We should hang out sometime…'
  13. 4 Things I Hate: Dramatic girls, The Wizard of Oz, Getting up early, People who have no voice control.
  14. 4 Things I Love: My cat (: Traveling, Music, Photography.
  15. Random Fact: I like being in the car.
  16. 3 People I Miss: My aunt, My best friend, My cousin.
  17. Tattoo I Want: ’There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ and an Anchor.
  18. A Regret: Getting involved with someone I shouldn’t have.
  19. Wish At 11:11: If wishes really came true I’d have everything I’ve ever wanted, therefore I don’t wish.
  20. Craziest Thing Done: Cliff diving at night.

I want to go out on a spontaneous romantic date.

Places like:

  • The park.
  • Mini golf.
  • A crappy movie only to hold hands and have thumb wars.
  • Driving around listening to music at sunset.
  • The lake only to put our feet in the water.
  • A trip to the mall, only to try on terrible clothes and take pictures.
  • Go to PetCo on adoption day and pretend that we’re going to adopt all the pets.
  • Go to his house and watch him play video games.
  • Take walks around the neighborhood and just talk.

Something small but something that we can do and laugh and enjoy each others company. I just want to feel close with someone for once. I miss that feeling.