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I want to send a Valentines Day package to someone.

With the following things:

  1. A box of super cheesy Valentine Day cards- filled out with cute things about that person.
  2. Candy- of course.
  3. One of my favorite movies- most likely a non Valentines Day movie.
  4. A mix tape of all my favorite songs- music is always a great thing to get on Valentines Day.

I think that would be the cutest thing to receive. 

I need someone who will…

  • Freak out with me over Hartbig stuff.
  • Talk to me about Doctor Who.
  • Discuss anything & everything.
  • Be willing to talk to me all the time & possibly introduce me to other people who like the same things. 

If you’re interested, please let me know. I’m so serious. I need people in my life who like the same things I do.

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I want to lay in my bed, cuddle, drink tea and watch movies. Someone come keep me company.

Lets be friends.

Ask me questions.

Tell me a story.

Tell me about your day.

Share your favorite things with me.

I’m dead serious.

It’s cold outside. So let’s cuddle, drink coffee, watch movies, and listen to music until it warms up outside.

Ask Me Stuff. Ask A Million Questions. Get Into My Life. BRING IT ON!

About Me.

Mikayla Jade.

Jesus is my hero.

College Football & Thor.

Anchors & The Ocean.

Movies & Video Games.

The Hunger Games & Cats.

Books & Coffee.

Joining the Coast Guard.

That’s all. 


Chapter 3-

It took me awhile to open the letter.  I knew I was too afraid to see exactly what it said. We hadn’t talked in so long so why exactly did he send this? My roommate had taken the box and threw it away before I could put the arrowhead back in it. She of course knew I would put it in the shoe box under my bed. I took the arrowhead and put it in a small plastic bag and put it on the fridge just so I’d have a constant reminder of a happier time.

“What does the letter say?” This was the third time she asked me in the last twenty minutes. She was getting on my nerves and I knew the exact way to make her shut up.

“If I open it will you please shut the hell up?” I raised my voice and she knew I was at my wits end.

“Okay, Okay. Sorry. I just want to make sure that you’re going to be okay” Her eyes got sad as she spoke. “I’ve seen you at your darkest times and I don’t want to go through that again.”

I was speechless. I felt horrible for the way I acted towards her. She pushed me to open it because she knew that whatever was in the box she would need to figure out how to comfort me. I felt a relief of happiness to know that no matter what this note said she would be right there. So I built up a few seconds of insane courage and decided to rip open the letter. The first thing I noticed was the Army symbol in the top right corner of the paper. I kept reading and this is what it said…

2012, August, 24th.

“Dear Amanda,                                                                                                                                                

I know we haven’t talked in months but I found this arrowhead in one of my pockets and I knew I had to send it to you. God, I miss you so much. I miss everything about you. I’m sorry I haven’t been around in the past few months. I joined the Army and they sent me to basic training in Oklahoma. I’ve been trying to write you but I could never found your address. I hope to see you soon.

All my love,


By the time I got to the last line I had tears streaming down my face. My roommate had already ran and got a box of tissues and was holding them out for me. I took two handfuls and tried to dry my eyes but it wasn’t helping. So he was thinking of me and didn’t hate my guts for the horrible things I had said to him after the cheating scandal came out. He still loved me, thank god. I smiled as I re-read “All my love”. He had started saying that a few years ago. Just as a ‘if we never speak again, you’ll always have my love’ type of thing. It was cute, and I always signed my letters with is as well.

“Okay… so is this a good or bad note? Because you’re crying and smiling so I’m not sure how to react.” She had one eyebrow raised so high I thought it was a part of her hair line. I couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

“It’s a good note, a very good note.” I folded it back up and placed the arrowhead on top of it. “I guess we won’t have to send that letter I wrote after all” I got up from the table and took the envelope that was on the fridge not realizing I had dropped the magnet that was holding it to the door.

“Uh hey… What’s today’s date?” Something about the way she asked the question made time seem like it was frozen. Today was September 24th. I knew that for sure because I had a job interview today.

“The 24th why?” I suddenly became aware of everything that was happening. My stomach got knots in it again and my throat got all dry like it did when I was nervous.

“This letter was written a month ago. It doesn’t take that long for a tiny box like that to get from Oklahoma to North Carolina. Something isn’t right here.”

The way she informed me made my stomach drop. Why was the letter a month late? He had written a great letter and he wanted to see me. He even missed me but why was I getting this letter a month late. It didn’t make sense. I knew there had to be something more. I ran over to the trash can to search for the box in which my package had arrived in. It was under the Kleenexes I had used after reading the letter. I opened it franticly and found another letter. But it wasn’t from him. It was from his mother.

I want to write a story but I have no idea what to write about. Someone give me an idea?

Ask Questions My Loves...

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I’ve figured out why I’m single…

What I want doesn’t exists…

I want a guy who will hold the door open for me without hesitating. A guy who will give me his coat when he thinks i’m cold even if i’m not. A guy that knows when I say  ’I’m just tired.’ something is wrong. A guy who wont push the topic of sex and respect my views on it. A guy who wants to come over on a Monday night just to watch tv with my parents and I. A guy who will plan a perfect date and surprise me with it. A guy who will come over early before going out only to sit on the couch and talk to my younger siblings. A guy who will play my favorite music in the car even if he doesn’t like it. A guy who will respect me no matter what. A guy who will come over when I don’t feel good and watch tv with me until I fall asleep only to come back over the next day to check up on me. A guy who will sit with me in a coffee shop and read books. 

The guy I want doesn’t exists. 

So I’ve officially given up on my search for the perfect guy.

I need better patience.