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My mom just said to me… “Damn, I wish you’d get married”. 

Uh, I just turned 21 and I haven’t had a boyfriend since junior year of high school.

Sometimes I get upset because I think I’ll end up alone.Then I remember…

Jacob worked for 7 years to get Rachel and they only felt like days because he loved her so much.

That is the love I am waiting for.

Dear future husband, 

I’m thinking about you tonight and I hope that you’re doing okay. I pray that your family is doing well and that you have a great week. One day we’ll be able to spend Sundays together. Getting up early to have coffee & watch the sun rise. Getting ready for church, sitting in the pew together holding hands & worshiping God. Going to lunch with our family or friends & then spending the rest of the afternoon together and happy. I can’t wait for those days. Thank you for always being there for me, even when i’m stubborn and want to do things my way.

Sleep well tonight handsome <3

Love, Mikayla.

Here’s the thing.

When you start talking to someone about starting a relationship, I would expect that you would be true to that person & not going around talking to other girls. I don’t like how easily I settled for you but now I know that I deserve better & I will be patient enough to wait for it. But thank you for helping me realize that I need a man who loves God & wants our relationship to be strengthened by Him.

Dear Future Husband, wherever you are I’d really like to find you soon. I pray for you daily and I can’t wait to love you & our Lord together.

Lord, while I wait patiently - strengthen my heart.

I'm waiting to have sex: am I the only one? - Converge

This is one of the greatest articles I have read in a very long time. It puts into words exactly why I am waiting and why I think it is important to continue waiting until marriage. 

I need someone in my life who can give me Godly relationship advice. 

Tonight, I got to Skype with this handsome man & it was wonderful. I love that we’ve known each other for 3 years and never run out of things to talk about. It’s great knowing that no matter what happens we still have each other.

I want to send a Valentines Day package to someone.

With the following things:

  1. A box of super cheesy Valentine Day cards- filled out with cute things about that person.
  2. Candy- of course.
  3. One of my favorite movies- most likely a non Valentines Day movie.
  4. A mix tape of all my favorite songs- music is always a great thing to get on Valentines Day.

I think that would be the cutest thing to receive. 

Sometimes being single & afraid that you’ll never end up with someone honestly sucks- that’s how I feel right now. So to try & make things a little better, I’m going to get in bed & watch Netflix.

I’m watching Netflix and all I can think about is you. Of course you have no idea that’s what I’m thinking about. That’s the worst part about having feelings for you, you don’t really know I exist. The few conversations we had don’t mean that we could have a future relationship, but it’s always possible. Maybe this is just a crush, or maybe this is more, but whatever it is I’m glad that I’m not afraid to have feelings for someone anymore.

The sweetest thing a guy can do is make you a mixed CD that he actually put thought into.

Worrying about dating is so over-rated. I don’t know why people do it. When you focus on God, He provides. So why worry? God’s timing is perfect and his plan is perfect. There is nothing to worry about.

someone talk to me.