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I think it’s cute when guys get jealous. They won’t tell you but you know by the way they talk, or avoid the situation that they are. It’s funny because guys usually don’t care who you hang out with, or who your best friend is, or why you didn’t call at the time you said you would. But when they get jealous it’s adorable. You know that you mean something to him when he gets jealous, because he doesn’t want anyone else to have you.

Just So You Know:

  1. 3 turn offs: No manners, someone who only wants sex in a relationship, and always talking about partying and drinking etc.
  2. 3 turn ons: Muscles, manners and a good sense of humor. 
  3. Phobia: Windows. I hate them.
  4. Celebrity crush: Robert Pattinson.
  5. Smoke/Drink: No & no.
  6. Favorite Movie: Adventureland, The Breakfast Club, Water For Elephants.
  7. Name: Mikayla Jade.
  8. Favorite Band: Paramore.
  9. Favorite Music Artist: I don’t know, honestly.
  10. Embarrassing Memory: I have no idea.
  11. Last Thing I Ate: Apple.
  12. Last Text I Received: 'We should hang out sometime…'
  13. 4 Things I Hate: Dramatic girls, The Wizard of Oz, Getting up early, People who have no voice control.
  14. 4 Things I Love: My cat (: Traveling, Music, Photography.
  15. Random Fact: I like being in the car.
  16. 3 People I Miss: My aunt, My best friend, My cousin.
  17. Tattoo I Want: ’There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ and an Anchor.
  18. A Regret: Getting involved with someone I shouldn’t have.
  19. Wish At 11:11: If wishes really came true I’d have everything I’ve ever wanted, therefore I don’t wish.
  20. Craziest Thing Done: Cliff diving at night.

I just got my first goodnight message in months.

Boys, step it up and show girls that you care. It’s cute.

Whatever it is.. Go out into the world & do it!