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I want to send a Valentines Day package to someone.

With the following things:

  1. A box of super cheesy Valentine Day cards- filled out with cute things about that person.
  2. Candy- of course.
  3. One of my favorite movies- most likely a non Valentines Day movie.
  4. A mix tape of all my favorite songs- music is always a great thing to get on Valentines Day.

I think that would be the cutest thing to receive. 

someone talk to me.

I need someone who will…

  • Freak out with me over Hartbig stuff.
  • Talk to me about Doctor Who.
  • Discuss anything & everything.
  • Be willing to talk to me all the time & possibly introduce me to other people who like the same things. 

If you’re interested, please let me know. I’m so serious. I need people in my life who like the same things I do.


Dear future boyfriend, we will read The Fault In Our Stars together and Looking For Alaska. We need to be together so when John Green decides to make my heart explode of sadness you will be there to make me feel better. Thank you. Love, your future girlfriend 

One of my Marine friends sent this to me today. He knows me too well.

feb. 14th, i’m going to order myself a pizza, lay in bed and watch harry potter all night. i’d be the best girlfriend to have on valentines day.